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6HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger 114400 - 3900 OEM For ZX330 Excavator

6HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger 114400 - 3900 OEM For ZX330 Excavator

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    6HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger


    OEM Engine Turbo Charger


    114400 - 3900

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    114400 - 3900
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    100% Tested
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6HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger 114400 - 3900 OEM For ZX330 Excavator


6HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Model ZX330 OEM 114400 - 3900 Excavator Parts



SP No. SP0140
Turbo Model RHG6
Part No./OE No. 1144003900,114400-3900,1-14400-3900,1-14400-390-0,72109715,VA570033,CIDB,VA570038,1144004050,114400-4050,1-14400-4050,CIDJ
Engine 6HK1T, 6HK1TC
Appliion for Isuzu, Hitachi EX300-7 Offway
Capacity NA
Power NA
Cooled Type Oil Cooled
Fuel Diesel
Manufacturer IHI
Material K18
Warranty 6 Months
Shipping ways  by Express, by Air and by Sea


Turbocharger Work


A turbocharger is made up of two main sections: the turbine and the compressor. The turbine consists of the turbine wheel and the turbine housing. It is the job of the turbine housing to guide the exhaust gas into the turbine wheel. The energy from the exhaust gas turns the turbine wheel, and the gas then exits the turbine housing through an exhaust outlet area.

The compressor also consists of two parts: the compressor wheel  and the compressor housing . The compressor’s mode of action is opposite that of the turbine. The compressor wheel is attached to the turbine by a forged steel shaft , and as the turbine turns the compressor wheel, the high-velocity spinning draws in air and compresses it. The compressor housing then converts the high-velocity, low-pressure air stream into a high-pressure, low-velocity air stream through a process called diffusion. The compressed air is pushed into the engine, allowing the engine to burn more fuel to produce more power.


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In practice, the operating characteristics of the turbocharger turbine are described by plotting a graph of the flow parameter and the relative turbine pressure ratio. The graph of the turbine shows the flow curve and turbine efficiency at different speeds. In order to simplify the graph, the average curve can be used for the flow curve and turbine efficiency.

For a high-efficiency turbocharger, coordination of compressor and turbine diameters is crucial. The position of the operating point on the pressure end map determines the speed of the turbine. The turbine diameter should be like this: In this working range, the turbine efficiency can be maximized.



6HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger 114400 - 3900 OEM For ZX330 Excavator 06HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger 114400 - 3900 OEM For ZX330 Excavator 16HK1 - 6 Engine Turbo Charger 114400 - 3900 OEM For ZX330 Excavator 2