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DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041 Digger Spare Parts Governor Motor Throttle Motor

DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041 Digger Spare Parts Governor Motor Throttle Motor

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    Throttle Motor Digger Spare Parts


    Governor Motor Digger Spare Parts


    DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041

  • Type
    Crawler Excavator
  • Part NO
    DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041
  • Model NO
    CLG922D / CLG925D
  • Installation
  • Usage
    Special Excavator, GM Excavator
  • Function
    Flow Control
  • Weight
  • Drive Type
    Internal Combustion Drive
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    CLG922D / CLG925D
  • Certifiion
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    5-8working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041 Digger Spare Parts Governor Motor Throttle Motor



DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041 Excavator Throttle Motor CLG922D Accelerator Motor





Item Name Governor motor throttle motor
Model Number CLG922D / CLG925D
Part Number DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041
Test 100% tested
Condition New
Apply to Digger excavator spare parts
Warranty 6 months
Package Neutral Packing 
Condition New
Video outgoing-inspection Provide





Electronic throttle control (ETC) is an automobile technology which electronically "connects" the accelerator pedal to the throttle, replacing a mechanical linkage.[1] A typical ETC system consists of three major components: (i) an accelerator pedal module (ideally with two or more independent sensors), (ii) a throttle valve that can be opened and closed by an electric motor (sometimes referred to as an electric or electronic throttle body (ETB)), and (iii) a powertrain or engine control module (PCM or ECM).[2] The ECM is a type of electronic control unit (ECU), which is an embedded system that employs software to determine the required throttle position by calculations from data measured by other sensors, including the accelerator pedal position sensors, engine speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and cruise control switches. The electric motor is then used to open the throttle valve to the desired angle via a closed-loop control algorithm within the ECM.





1, using the original imported positioner, durable and accurate;

2.The use of throttle actuation ensures that the engine only receives the correct amount of throttle opening for any give situation

3.The optimisation of the air supply will also ensure that harmful exhaust emissions are kept to an absolute minimum and drivability is maintained, regardless of the circumstances. Coupling the electronic throttle actuation to the adaptive cruise control, traction control, idle speed control and vehicle stability control systems also means finer control can be achieved.

4.The electric throttle controllers have less need for maintenance. Since all the complied parts are now removed, there are fewer chances of wear and tear. This in addition also saves the maintenance cost and longer life and durability of the vehicle.

5. The motor adopts a fully sealed, long-life, high-precision imported position sensor;



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DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041 Digger Spare Parts Governor Motor Throttle Motor 0DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041 Digger Spare Parts Governor Motor Throttle Motor 1