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13453 - 87704 Flywheel Ring Gear 109 Teeth Spare Parts For Excavator

13453 - 87704 Flywheel Ring Gear 109 Teeth Spare Parts For Excavator

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    109 Teeth Flywheel Ring Gear


    Flywheel Ring Spare Parts For Excavator


    13453 - 87704

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    13453 - 87704
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    Flywheel Ring Gear
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    Standard Size
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    5-8 working days
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    T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
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13453 - 87704 Flywheel Ring Gear 109 Teeth Spare Parts For Excavator

13453 - 87704 Flywheel Ring Gear Ring 109 - Teeth Excavator Spare Part



Type Flywheel Ring Gear
Model 109T
Part No 13453 - 87704
Standard Component Standard Component
Technics Casting
Warranty 6 month
Condition New
Driving System Parts Wheel
Package Neutral packing
Availability Have the spot



A flywheel is used primarily in manual transmissions. It is attached to the engine crankshaft, and holds the ring-gear that is used to crank the engine. The wheel connects directly to the clutch, stores energy to move the vehicle from inertia, and provides a friction surface for the clutch to attach to. Because of this, these parts are usually cast, and are thick and heavy, to allow for the clutch’s surface.

Flywheels are usually produced by the casting method, and for now, sand casting is the most common production process for flywheels. Depending on the appliion, the materials used are nodular iron, steel or aluminum. Once cast, the flywheel is finished by machining and boring.




1.Smoothing the power output of an energy source. For example, flywheels are used in reciproing engines because the active torque from the individual pistons is intermittent.
2.Energy storage systems
3.Delivering energy at rates beyond the ability of an energy source. This is achieved by collecting energy in a flywheel over time and then releasing it quickly, at rates that exceed the abilities of the energy source.
4.Controlling the orientation of a mechanical system, gyroscope and reaction wheel

5.Flywheels may also be used as an electric compensator, like a synchronous compensator, that can either produce or sink reactive power but would not affect the real power. The purposes for that appliion are to improve the power factor of the system or adjust the grid voltage. Typically, the flywheels used in this field are similar in structure and installation as the synchronous motor (but it is called synchronous compensator or synchronous condenser in this context). There are also some other kinds of compensator using flywheels, like the single phase induction machine. But the basic ideas here are the same, the flywheels are controlled to spin exactly at the frequency which you want to compensate. For a synchronous compensator, you also need to keep the voltage of rotor and stator in phase, which is the same as keeping the magnetic field of rotor and the total magnetic field in phase (in the rotating frame reference).


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13453 - 87704 Flywheel Ring Gear 109 Teeth Spare Parts For Excavator 013453 - 87704 Flywheel Ring Gear 109 Teeth Spare Parts For Excavator 1