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702 - 16 - 01861 Foot Pedal Valve Spare Parts Excavator PC200 - 7

702 - 16 - 01861 Foot Pedal Valve Spare Parts Excavator PC200 - 7

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    PC200 - 7 Excavator Foot Pedal Valve


    Foot Pedal Valve Spare Parts Excavator


    702 - 16 - 01861

  • Type
    PPC Foot Pedal Valve
  • Model NO
    PC200 - 7
  • Part NO
    702 - 16 - 01861
  • Weight
    2 - 3KG
  • Material
  • Bucket
  • Color
    Black , Silver
  • Appliion
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    PC200 - 7
  • Certifiion
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    5-8working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

702 - 16 - 01861 Foot Pedal Valve Spare Parts Excavator PC200 - 7

702 - 16 - 01861 Excavator Joystick Controls PPC Foot Pedal Valve PC200 - 7 Excavator Part



PPC Foot Pedal Valve
Part Number 702 - 16 - 01861
PC200 - 7
6 months
Health Status
Have the spot
Package Neutral packing
Video outgoing-inspection Provide
Service OEM



The Foot Pedal Controller enables an operator of a excavator, aircraft, or watercraft, or a simulation of one in a video game, to control all translational and rotational movement using two foot pedals. This novel technology allows control across all six degrees of freedom, unlike any technology on the market. The components of the technology are a support structure, a left foot pedal, a right foot pedal, and supporting electronics. The Foot Pedal Controller is intuitive, easy to learn, and has ergonomic features that accommodate and stabilize the operator's feet. A working prototype is available to demonstrate key technology features to potential licensees. The Foot Pedal Controller technology could be used in designs for the flight deck of the future, video game controls, drone operations and flight simulators. This technology can be useful in any appliion where it is preferred or desirable to use the feet to control motion rather than using the hands. A potential market could be foot control of equipment by people with arm or hand disabilities. A unique aspect of the innovation is the consideration of natural foot mechanics in the design and placement of the sensors and actuators to reduce operator fatigue. The axes of rotation of the Controller align with the joints of the foot so the foot moves naturally to control the movement of the craft.


1.Maintenance, replace parts conveniently and flexibly
2. Choose flexible installation loion
3.Using Nylon makes components durable
4. Valve with lock is also available
Typically used in cranes, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining equipment. Installed on operating mechanism or pilot operated valves.


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702 - 16 - 01861 Foot Pedal Valve Spare Parts Excavator PC200 - 7 0702 - 16 - 01861 Foot Pedal Valve Spare Parts Excavator PC200 - 7 1