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ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70 Excavator Control Panel ECU CPU Controller

ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70 Excavator Control Panel ECU CPU Controller

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    ZAXIS70 Excavator Control Panel


    ZAXIS60 Excavator Control Panel


    Excavator ECU Controller

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    CPU ECU Controller
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ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70 Excavator Control Panel ECU CPU Controller


ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70 Control Panel ECU CPU Controller Excavator Spare Parts


Part Name Excavator Controller
Type Controller
Model Number ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70
Appliion Crawler Excavator
Quality 100% tested
Stock in Stock
Warranty 6 month
Packing Neutral packing
Availability Have the spot
After-sales Service Provided Provided




Control unit (Control Unit), sometimes a part of the CPU, sometimes installed outside the CPU, responsible for directing the work of the CPU. Controlling the activities of other devices through the operation of the device is also regarded as a type of finite state automaton. The control unit of the CPU was once regarded as a temporary path, and its design was very difficult. Most of the current control units are manufactured using microprograms included in the memory controller. When working, the micro-sequencer selects the micro-program code, and each byte is responsible for controlling each part of the computer. Such as registers, arithmetic logic units, instruction registers, buses, and even external input and output of the chip are under its control. In the current computer, each subsystem has a controller belonging to the control unit, and these controllers supervise the work of each subsystem.



1.It coordinates the sequence of data movements into, out of, and between a processor’s many sub-units.
2.It interprets instructions.
3.It controls data flow inside the processor.
4.It receives external instructions or commands to which it converts to sequence of control signals.
5.It controls many execution units(i.e. ALU, data buffers and registers) contained within a CPU.
6.It also handles multiple tasks, such as fetching, decoding, execution handling and storing results.


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ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70 Excavator Control Panel ECU CPU Controller 0ZAXIS60 ZAXIS70 Excavator Control Panel ECU CPU Controller 1