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14541954 ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable

14541954 ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable

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    ECU Wire Harness


    14541954 Wire Harness


    EC210 Excavator Engine Cable

  • Model Number
    EC210 EC240 EC290
  • Name
    Wire Harness
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    Standard Component
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    20*20*20 cm
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    5-8 working days
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    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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14541954 ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable

14541954 Engine ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable

Type14541954 Engine ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable
Part Number14541954
egoryEngine Spare Parts
Stockin Stock
Condition100% New
PackingNeutral Packing
Warranty6 month
Model NumberEC210 EC240 EC290

The wiring harness of the excavator is also a vehicle wiring harness, but it is wear-resistant in the working environment; the aging requirements are higher.
1. Regularly check the wiring harness
Self-inspection: The excavator needs to be inspected regularly in daily operation, including oil circuit, power cord, and body cleaning. If there is oil leakage in the oil circuit, check whether the oil pipe is damaged and whether the joint is loose, and repair or replace the oil pipe in time. Whether the power wiring harness, control wiring harness is scratched or frayed. ,Ageing. When choosing an excavator wiring harness, be sure to choose the wiring harness for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good sealing performance. This can effectively prevent oil from penetrating into the core, causing corrosion of the core, causing safety problems such as short circuits and short circuits. Special inspection: regularly find a conventional excavator maintenance manufacturer to test the performance of the excavator, test and evaluate various wiring harnesses, and replace them in time.
2. Reasonable purchase of wiring harness
When maintaining the wiring harness, the purchased wiring harness must be a professional, ordinary automotive wiring harness manufacturer. Before signing a purchase contract, it is necessary to carry out a strict inspection of the manufacturer. Strictly evaluate whether the feed, the production process, etc. are formal. In terms of quality control, operating procedures are strictly standardized in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system standards.
1. 100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance
2. Good Reliability&Durability,Long Service Life
3 Made in China with very good quality
4. Fast delivery with good price
5 Made with professional craftsmanship to provide stable performance and safe appliion
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14541954 ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable 014541954 ECU Wire Harness EC210 Excavator Engine Cable 1