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RE538130 Original Oil Pressure Sensor Switch For John Deere Tractor

RE538130 Original Oil Pressure Sensor Switch For John Deere Tractor

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    RE538130 Oil Pressure Sensor Switch


    Tractor Oil Pressure Sensor Switch


    John Deere Pressure Sensor Switch

  • Model Number
    John Deere
  • Name
    Pressure Sensor Switch
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    As Photo Show
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RE538130 Original Oil Pressure Sensor Switch For John Deere Tractor


RE154966 Fuel Pressure Sensor Fits John Deere Tractor Pressure Switch


Appliion Excavator
Name Pressure Sensor Switch
Warranty 6 month
Feature Long Lifespan
Package Neutral packing
Quality 100% tested
Part Number RE538130
Generator Type Diesel Generator
Design Made in china
Means of transport By sea/air, DHL
Packing As request or standard packing


The oil pressure sensor is installed on the main oil passage of the engine. When the engine is running, the pressure measuring device detects the oil pressure, converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal, and sends it to the signal processing circuit. After voltage amplifiion and current amplifiion, the amplified pressure signal is connected to the oil pressure gauge through the signal line to change the oil pressure.
The engine oil pressure is indied by the current ratio of the two coils in the pressure indior. After voltage amplifiion and current amplifiion, the pressure signal is compared with the alarm voltage set in the alarm circuit. When the alarm voltage is lower than the alarm voltage, the alarm circuit outputs an alarm signal and lights the alarm lamp through the alarm line.

Precautions for oil pressure sensor


1. Economic guarantee
Economy is an important condition restricting the promotion and use of products. Although the electronic oil pressure sensors of some manufacturers have reached a high technical level and use effect, the price factor affects the speed of their promotion. Therefore, developing both economical and reliable products becomes the key to the sensor.
2. Compatibility Guarantee
The car is a complex system, in which the electronic information system has become an essential control system. The appliion requirements of electronic sensors are actually developed under the requirements of electronic control. Therefore, the compatibility of other control circuits has become an important basis for improving its performance. At the same time, the electronic sensor is also an active device and must be supported by a power supply.
So how to integrate it into the whole electronic circuit is also a key consideration. Therefore, the development and improvement direction of electronic oil pressure sensor also includes improving its compatibility.


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RE538130 Original Oil Pressure Sensor Switch For John Deere Tractor 0RE538130 Original Oil Pressure Sensor Switch For John Deere Tractor 1