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186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve For D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G

186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve For D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G

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    186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve


    D8R Loader Solenoid Valve


    938G Loader Solenoid Valve

  • Model Number
    D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G
  • Name
    Solenoid Valve
  • Part Number
  • Material
  • Size
    Standard Size
  • Weight
  • Color
    As Photo Show
  • Standard Component
    Standard Component
  • Quality
    Good Quality
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certifiion
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    20*20*20 cm
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve For D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G



186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve Apply To D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G




Type Solenoid Valve
Part Number 186-1526
Model Number D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G
Service OEM and Original
Stock in Stock
Design Made in China
Quality Good quality
Video delivery inspection Provide
Warranty 6 month
Packing Neutral packing



The definition of a solenoid valve is an electro-mechanical valve that is commonly employed to control the flow of liquid or gas. There are various solenoid valve types, but the main variants are either pilot operated or direct acting. Pilot operated valves, the most widely used, utilize system line pressure to open and close the main orifice in the valve body.While Direct operated solenoid valves directly open or close the main valve orifice, which is the only flow path in the valve. They are used in systems requiring low flow capacities or appliions with low pressure differential across the valve orifice.




1.The wire package adopts plastic particle injection molding to ensure high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance.

2.The valve body is heat treated to ensure the durability of the products.

3.The use of high strength stainless steel material, the accuracy of positive or negative 1 wire, to ensure that the spool movement freely.

4.The solenoid valve materials must meet the required corrosion resistance

5.All products have passed strict inspection to ensure that each product can work reliably.

6.Good Reliability&Durability,Long Service Life

7.Made in China


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186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve For D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G 0186-1526 Loader Solenoid Valve For D8R 950G 938G 140H D7R 924G 1