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57004-A SY55 SY60 SY75 Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve Excavator Parts K20030068

57004-A SY55 SY60 SY75 Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve Excavator Parts K20030068

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    SY75 Joystick Handle


    57004-A Joystick Handle


    K20030068 Pilot Valve

  • Model No
    SY75 SY55 SY60
  • Part No
  • Product Item
    Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve
  • Appliion
  • Weight
  • Primary Appliion
    Crawler Excavator
  • Material
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  • Model Number
    SY75 SY55 SY60
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    5-8 working days
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    T/T, , D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
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57004-A SY55 SY60 SY75 Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve Excavator Parts K20030068



K20030068 57004-A SY55 SY60 SY75 Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve Excavator Parts





Model No SY75 SY55 SY60
Part No K20030068
Type Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve
Condition New
Availability in Stock
Service OEM
Warranty 6 months
Media Oil
Use Construction Machinery Parts
After-sales Service Provided Video technical support, Online support





A pilot valve is a small valve that controls a limited-flow control feed to a separate piloted valve. Typically, this separate valve controls a high pressure or high flow feed. Pilot valves are useful because they allow a small and easily operated feed to control a much higher pressure or higher flow feed, which would otherwise require a much larger force to operate; indeed, this is even useful when a solenoid is used to operate the valve.
Pilot valves are often used in critical appliions (e.g., emergency and SIS controls) and are human-operated. They can be set up as a push-to-activate or dead man's switch.





1. Level the road
In most of the process of leveling the site and backfilling, the same excavator, the excavator equipped with the bulldozer blade is much more efficient than the one without assembly. There are many times when the bulldozer blade is capable of clearing the road, and the excavator usually moves the bulldozer blade in the forward direction.
2. Easy to walk and climb
When the excavator is driven to the "wire", the bulldozer is behind and the bucket is in front, first prop up the bucket, and operate the walking to move the excavator forward. When the crawler is about to press the "wire", it falls and pushes the back. The soil shovel makes the excavator fuselage suspended. Then slowly place the bucket so that the front end of the crawler touches the ground, and then rotate the bucket to the rear to support the fuselage and retract the bulldozer. Wire" drops the bucket to complete the operation.
3. Push the material for easy loading
When the material is almost excavated during the operation, it is difficult for the remaining material to be dug into the bucket. At this time, with the operation of the bulldozer, the bucket is in the front and the bulldozer surface is behind, just like "there are chasing soldiers in front and tigers behind" , the material can almost fit into the bucket. When loading large stones, the bucket of the small excavator is also difficult to dig into the bucket. It can also be used to cooperate with the price-raising action of the bulldozer. The specific details need to be figured out by yourself. Use this method to shovel large steel plates and stones.
4. Stabilize the body
When the excavator needs to work on the slope, the bulldozer comes into play. During excavation, the bulldozer can also be used flexibly to prevent collapse and stabilize the fuselage, level the work surface for backfilling, etc.
5.Easy for hoisting operation
During the actual operation of the excavator, it is sometimes necessary to hoist mixers, cement pipes, etc., and sometimes the weight of these objects is small and it is difficult to dig and hoist, and the center of gravity will shift to the direction of the hoisted object, causing the body of the excavator to sway. Putting down the bulldozer at this time can clearly feel that the center of gravity of the excavator moves backward, and the operation of the whole machine is more stable. At this time, the bulldozer should be placed in the direction of the cement pipeline and supported to prevent collapse.
6. Easy to rotate work
When the excavator is working in a narrow place, the bulldozer can be placed against the edge of the obstacle, and the bulldozer can be used as the boundary. Because the bulldozer is larger than the car body, that is to say, when there is an obstacle behind the excavator, as long as it does not exceed the position of the bulldozer, the driver can rotate with confidence, similar to a tailless excavator.



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57004-A SY55 SY60 SY75 Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve Excavator Parts K20030068 057004-A SY55 SY60 SY75 Joystick Handle Assembly Pilot Valve Excavator Parts K20030068 1