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RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor For John Deere 5325 Original Parts

RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor For John Deere 5325 Original Parts

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    RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor


    John Deere 5325 Water Temperature Sensor

  • Model Number
    5325 5420 5310
  • Part Name
    Water Temperature Sensor
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    Plastic And Metal
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    As Photo Show
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    Good Quality
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    Standard Size
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RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor For John Deere 5325 Original Parts



RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor Fits John Deere 5325 Original Parts





Appliion Excavator Spare Parts
Name Water Temperature Sensor
Parts No. RE503242
Model No. 5325 5420 5310
Package Neutral packing
Quality 100% tested
Resolution High
Design made in china
Means of transport By sea/air, DHL
Packing As request or standard packing





There are two types of water temperature sensors. Whatever it is, its internal structure is a thermistor, and its resistance is between 275 ohms and 6500 ohms. Moreover, the lower the temperature, the higher the resistance value, and the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance value. The function of the first type of water temperature sensor is relatively simple, which is to achieve the change of the current through the change of the resistance of the sensor through the change of its internal resistance to drive the change of the water temperature gauge, and indirectly tell people the working temperature of the engine. The second type, the water temperature sensor has no change in structure, but its function is to provide an analog signal of temperature change to the engine control unit. Its power supply voltage is the 5V power supply provided by the control unit, and the signal returned to the control unit is a linear change signal of 1.3V-3.8V. The main role is to tell the engine control unit what the temperature is. In turn, its signals are extremely important to the control unit. The main reason is that the engine has different working methods at different working temperatures. For example, the engine sprays 10% more fuel than the normal temperature below 86 degrees, the purpose is to let the engine heat up quickly to reduce the low temperature wear of the engine. And after the temperature rises above 86 degrees, let the engine spray less oil and let the temperature regenerate slower. So its role is very important. If he has a problem, it provides a wrong signal to the engine control unit, such as providing an engine low temperature signal when the car is warm. Does your car just spray more oil, so it seems a little waste oil.
But these two water temperature sensors work under different voltage conditions. The sensor for the water temperature meter is 12V, while the one for the engine control unit is 5V, so they are not interchangeable. Moreover, their plug shapes themselves are different.
It's easy to tell the difference between them. The former has only one wire in the plug, while the latter has two wires in the plug for the engine control unit.





1.light weight
2.reliable operation,
3.simple structure
4.high signal to noise ratio
5.high sensitivity and wide signal bandwidth



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RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor For John Deere 5325 Original Parts 0RE503242 Water Temperature Sensor For John Deere 5325 Original Parts 1