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1118010-H11 4JB1 Engine Turbocharger Fit HP55K Excavator Turbocharger

1118010-H11 4JB1 Engine Turbocharger Fit HP55K Excavator Turbocharger

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    4JB1 Engine Turbocharger


    1118010-H11 Engine Turbocharger


    HP55K Excavator Turbocharger

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1118010-H11 4JB1 Engine Turbocharger Fit HP55K Excavator Turbocharger



1118010-H11 4JB1 Engine Turbocharger Fit HP55K Excavator Turbocharger





Type Excavator Turbocharger
Parts Number 1118010-H11
Model Number HP55K
Engine 4JB1
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Stock in Stock
Payment method Bank transfer, Western Union, oneyGram, credit cards, PayPal
Service OEM
Warranty 3 month
Packing Neutral packing





A turbocharger is an air compressor that uses the exhaust gas produced by the operation of an internal combustion engine to pass through a structure consisting of a stator and a rotor. Similar in function to a supercharger, both increase the flow of air into an internal combustion engine or boiler, making the machine more efficient. It is commonly used in automobile engines. By utilizing the heat and flow of the exhaust gas, the turbocharger can increase the horsepower output of the internal combustion engine. Some vehicles are designed with a turbocharger not to increase the engine power, but through the turbocharger. With an engine with a smaller cylinder volume, the fuel economy and environmental protection are improved without sacrificing the output performance of the engine (compared with a naturally aspirated engine).

Generally, the weight of the internal combustion engine for vehicles will increase after the supercharger is installed, and the energy used to overcome the inertia will increase. Because the turbocharger uses the exhaust gas from the engine as its power source most of the time, it has advantages over the mechanical supercharger driven by the engine crankshaft (Crankshaft). However, when the engine is running at a low speed, the flow rate of exhaust gas is low. Therefore, when the speed of the blades of the turbocharger does not meet the minimum requirements, the supercharging performance is not as good as that of the mechanical supercharger, and turbo lag occurs. -Lag) phenomenon. But with the development of technology, the turbocharger has achieved early intervention to improve engine efficiency at low revs.





1.Reducing bearing frictional losses, e.g., using a foil bearing rather than a conventional oil bearing
2.Using variable-nozzle or twin-scroll turbochargers
3.Decreasing the volume of the upper-deck piping
4.Using multiple turbochargers sequentially or in parallel
5.Using an antilag system



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1118010-H11 4JB1 Engine Turbocharger Fit HP55K Excavator Turbocharger 01118010-H11 4JB1 Engine Turbocharger Fit HP55K Excavator Turbocharger 1