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Construction Machinery Parts Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B

Construction Machinery Parts Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B

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    Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B


    Construction Machinery Hydraulic Pump


    Electric Excavator Hydraulic Pump

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    Excavator Hydraulic Pump
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Construction Machinery Parts Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B

Construction Machinery Parts Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B


Type Construction Machinery Parts Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B
Part Number PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4191B
Power Hydraulic
Appliion Excavator
Stock in Stock
Condition 100% New
Service OEM
Packing Neutral Packing
Warranty 6 month
Quality 100% Tested


Hydraulic Piston Pump is powered by the reciproing motion of the piston. The plunger pump is a variable pump, which is mostly used for high-precision high-pressure control. The plunger pump has high working pressure. ;High efficiency and convenient flow regulation.
The plunger pump has high pressure, stable performance, high cost, minimal pulsation, and can be variable. It is commonly used in high-pressure systems and engineering machinery. But his self-priming is the worst.
When the engine drives the transmission shaft to rotate, the connecting rod pushes the plunger to reciproe in the cylinder block, and at the same time, the front of the connecting rod drives the piston to rotate together with the cylinder block, and the oil distribution plate is fixed.
During the work, under the action of the cam and the plunger spring, the plunger moves up and down repeatedly to complete the oil pumping task. When the recess of the cam is partially turned, the plunger moves downward under the action of the plunger spring, and the space on the upper part of the plunger is the vacuum of the pump oil chamber. At this time, the oil inlet on the plunger sleeve at the upper end of the plunger will be opened. , the hydraulic oil in the upper oil passage of the oil pump enters the pump oil chamber through the oil inlet hole, the plunger moves to the top, and the oil inlet is completed.
When the camshaft rotates to the recessed part of the cam to push up the rolling element, the plunger spring is compressed, the plunger moves upward, the hydraulic oil is pressurized, and a part of it flows back to the upper body oil cavity through the oil hole. When the top surface of the plunger covers the oil inlet hole, the oil distribution chamber on the top of the plunger becomes a sealed space due to the small matching gap between the plunger and the cylinder liner, the plunger continues to rise, and the oil pressure in the pump oil chamber decreases rapidly , When the pump oil pressure is greater than the oil outlet spring, the hydraulic pump is pushed out, and the high pressure liquid enters the oil cylinder through the main operating valve.
When the plunger is supplied with oil, it is connected with the chute on the plunger and the oil return hole on the cylinder liner, and the high-pressure oil path of the pump oil chamber is connected with the middle hole and the chute of the plunger head, the oil pressure drops, and the output The oil valve is closed under the action of the spring to stop the oil supply. The plunger continues to descend, and when the recess of the cam is partially turned, under the action of the spring, the plunger descends again to start the next cycle.
Chuanqi's K3V pump is widely used in excavators. The main pump of the excavator is usually a double pump, the extra pressure is 34MPA, and the maximum pressure can reach 39MPA in an instant. The reason why the pump oil pressure of the plunger pump is higher than that of the gear pump is that its work and volume efficiency are higher. At present, a small number of hydraulic excavators use swash plate variable displacement axial piston pumps. Usually a double pump is used, and two plunger pumps are connected in series with a through shaft, so it is also called a through shaft pump. The through-shaft pump used on the excavator can also be connected with a pinion pump as a servo pump (that is, a pilot pump), which greatly simplifies the parts of the excavator.



1. The hydraulic pump can generate fluid flow in the hydraulic system.
2. The hydraulic pump is precisely designed;
3. Can be used with hydraulic system to meet the performance of filling products in the machine;
4. Strict requirements in terms of reliability, robustness, operating costs and productivity.
5. Hydraulic pumps are designed to meet specific machine requirements.


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