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21019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For  EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts

21019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts

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    VOE21019945 Fuel Pump


    EC210B Fuel Pump


    EC240B Fuel Pump

  • Name
    Fuel Pump
  • Part Name
    21019945 VOE21019945
  • Model Number
    EC210B EC240B
  • Color
    As Photo Show
  • Specifiion
  • Condition
    3 HOLES
  • Weight
  • Quality
    High Guarantee
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  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    EC210B EC240B
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    20*20*20 cm
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    5-8 working days
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    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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21019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts



21019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts


Type 21019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts
Part Number 21019945 VOE21019945
Engine Type Diesel
Appliion Excavator
Stock in Stock
Condition 100% New
Service OEM
Packing Neutral Packing
Warranty 6 month
Model Number EC210B EC240B



The function of the fuel delivery pump is to ensure that the diesel oil circulates in the low-pressure oil circuit, and to supply sufficient quantity and certain pressure of fuel to the fuel injection pump. The fuel delivery volume should be 3-4 times the maximum fuel injection volume at full load. Oil transfer pumps are divided into gear oil transfer pumps, diaphragm oil transfer pumps, plunger oil transfer pumps, pipeline oil transfer pumps and so on. The function of the fuel transfer pump is to ensure that a sufficient amount of diesel oil is delivered from the fuel tank to the fuel injection pump, and to maintain a certain fuel supply pressure to overcome the resistance of the pipeline and the fuel filter, so that the diesel oil circulates in the low-pressure pipeline. Oil delivery: generally 3 to 4 times the full load requirement of the diesel engine. Types are divided into piston type, diaphragm type, sliding vane type and gear type.
1. Oil pressure preparation process: With the rotation of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump, the eccentric wheel pushes the roller, the push rod and the piston to move outward, and the oil pressure of the pump chamber I increases due to the decrease of the volume. The oil valve, the diesel oil flows from the pump chamber I to the pump chamber II through the oil outlet valve.
2. Oil suction and oil pressure stroke: when the raised part of the eccentric wheel turns away from the roller, the piston moves inward under the action of the spring, the oil pressure of the pump chamber II increases, the oil outlet valve is closed, and the diesel oil flows to the oil filter through the oil passage . At this time, the volume of the pump chamber I becomes larger, the pressure drops, the oil inlet valve 3 is sucked open, and the diesel oil flows into the pump chamber I through the oil inlet port and the oil inlet valve.
3. Automatic adjustment of oil delivery: the amount of oil delivery depends on the stroke of the piston; the oil delivery pressure depends on the tension of the piston spring. When the stroke of the piston is equal to the eccentric distance of the eccentric, the oil delivery is the largest. When the amount of oil required by the fuel injection pump decreases, the oil pressure in the pump chamber II will increase accordingly, and an idle stroke will be generated between the push rod and the piston, that is, the effective stroke of the piston will be reduced, and the output oil will be reduced. When the fuel consumption increases, the effective stroke increases. In this way, the automatic adjustment of oil delivery volume and oil delivery pressure is realized.
4. Hand pump oil: pull the hand oil pump piston, absorb oil and press oil.





1. Before installing the oil transfer pump of the generator set, check whether the model and specifiion are correct, and remove the anti-rust oil. The thickness of the gasket should be appropriate. In order to prevent the piston from being pushed dead or running out of place, the gasket should be prevented from being too thin or too thick. Thick, the tightening torque should be uniform when tightening the bolts to prevent damage to the oil pump.
2. If there is a rubber sealing device between the hand oil pump piston and the hand oil pump body on the oil transfer pump, do not disassemble it at will. If the rubber ring is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
3. The coarse filter core in the oil pump joint is easily blocked by dirt such as cotton wool. It should be checked and cleaned frequently, and the damaged filter must be repaired or replaced in time.
4. Make sure that the sealing gaskets around the oil pump of the generator set are intact, and the plastic ring should not be disassembled too many times, and should be replaced regularly.
5. Ensure that the elasticity of the "four springs" of the plunger oil pump is normal. "Four springs" are piston springs, tappet (roller) springs, oil inlet valve springs, and oil outlet valve springs. If the elasticity of the springs is weakened or broken, they should be replaced or adjusted in time to avoid damage to the generator set.
6. The hand oil pump of the generator set must be pressed back after use, and the button must be tightened at the same time to prevent the hand oil pump and rubber ring or the ball valve and valve seat from causing air intake or oil leakage due to insufficient pressure.
7. The oil of the generator set to be filled should be filtered by precipitation to ensure cleanliness and prevent the wear of the oil inlet valve, oil outlet valve and valve seat of the oil pump from being aggravated due to excessive impurities.


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21019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For  EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts 021019945 VOE21019945 Fuel Pump For  EC210B EC240B Excavator Parts 1