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DEUTZ Spare Parts BFM1013 Engine 04199903 24V Flameout Solenoid Valve

DEUTZ Spare Parts BFM1013 Engine 04199903 24V Flameout Solenoid Valve

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    24V Flameout Solenoid Valve


    BFM1013 Flameout Solenoid Valve


    04199903 Excavator Spare Parts

  • Model Number
    DEUTZ BFM1013
  • Part Name
    Flameout Solenoid Valve
  • Part Number
  • Function
  • Material
  • Voltage
  • Size
    Standard Size
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    5-8working days
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    T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
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DEUTZ Spare Parts BFM1013 Engine 04199903 24V Flameout Solenoid Valve



DEUTZ Spare Parts BFM1013 Engine 04199903 24V Flameout Solenoid Valve





Appliion Excavator Spare Parts
Type Flameout Solenoid Valve
Parts No. 04199903
OEM Good quality
Package Neutral packing
Quality 100% tested
Resolution High
Design made in china
Means of transport By sea/air, DHL
Packing As request or standard packing





Solenoid valve is the industry equipment with Electromagnetic Control, is used in direction, flow, speed and other the parameter of adjustment medium in the industrial control system.Last ball solenoid valve is to control with the effect of electromagnetism, and main control mode is controlled by relay.Like this, solenoid valve can cooperate different circuits to realize the control of expecting, and the precision and the flexibility of control can both guarantee.Solenoid valve has a variety of, and different solenoid valves plays a role at the diverse loion of control system, and the most frequently used is one-way valve, safety valve, position control valve, speed-regulating valve etc.Airtight chamber is arranged in the solenoid valve, have through hole at diverse loion, the oil pipe of different electric magnet valve is all led in each hole; In the middle of the chamber is valve, and the two sides is two blocks of electromagnet, and which side the magnet coil energising valve body of which face will attracted to; Block or spill the hole of different oil extractions through moving of control valve body, and oil inlet hole is often opened, hydraulic oil will get into different oil exit pipes; Promote the piston of oil cylinder then through the pressure of oil, piston drives piston rod again, and it is moving that piston rod drives mechanical device.Just controlled mechanical motion through control current of electromagnet break-make like this.





1. Manufactued According to OEM Specifiions,Same Fits & Fuctions.
2. Aftermarket Fuel Solenoid Valve Direct Fit DEUTZ Spare Parts.
3. 100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance
4.100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance

5.Made in China with very good quality



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DEUTZ Spare Parts BFM1013 Engine 04199903 24V Flameout Solenoid Valve 0DEUTZ Spare Parts BFM1013 Engine 04199903 24V Flameout Solenoid Valve 1