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LCD Panel For E320D Excavator Monitor 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698

LCD Panel For E320D Excavator Monitor 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698

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    E320D Excavator Monitor LCD Panel


    279-7611 Monitor LCD Panel


    2277698 Monitor LCD Panel

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    279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698
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LCD Panel For E320D Excavator Monitor 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698



LCD Panel For E320D Excavator Monitor 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698





Product name Monitor
Part number 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698
Model E320D
egory group Excavator Electric Parts
Applied excavator
Warranty 6 months
Availability in Stock
Type OEM and Original
Packing Standard packing
After-sales Service Provided Online support





An excavator liquid crystal display belongs to the electrical control technology. The pointer instrument has the disadvantages of poor precision, complex structure, low reliability and poor human-computer interaction ability. Its main structure includes a front shell, a lens, a rubber button, a liquid crystal screen, a button PCB, an LCD screen fixing bracket, an embedded main board and a rear shell. The embedded main board includes SDRAM, ARM chip, LCD controller, CAN bus communiion interface, Switch input and output interface and serial communiion interface; ARM chip is respectively connected with serial communiion interface, CAN bus communiion interface, LCD controller, switch input and output interface, LCD controller is connected with SDRAM and LCD screen respectively. The utility model is mainly used in construction machinery such as excavators. As the core electronic components of excavators, displays play an important role in human-computer interaction. On the one hand, the working status of the excavator needs to be fed back to the operator in real time; on the other hand, when the excavator fails, the operator needs to be reminded to check and maintain in time. At present, Zhonghe generally uses pointer-type instruments to realize the operating status of water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, etc., and uses Lm) indior lights to realize the display of alarm information such as low water temperature and low voltage; while pointer-type instruments have poor accuracy and structure compared with virtual instruments. Complex, low reliability, and poor human-computer interaction ability; and the existing display has a fixed display structure, and the system expansion ability is also very limited, which is difficult to use on a variety of excavators; with the rapid development of embedded and liquid crystal technology, Excavator displays are gradually developing in the direction of large-size liquid crystal displays.





1. Display of easy-to-see machine information by a color graphic LCD Improvement in efficiency of machine operation by display of many menu screens.
2.Monitoring of the machine operating condition by and grasping of machine conditions through communiions.
3.Unscrew the bolt holding the lever in place
4.Equipment Management Monitoring System.
5.Advanced Intelligent Panel, a product of Electronics



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LCD Panel For E320D Excavator Monitor 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698 0LCD Panel For E320D Excavator Monitor 279-7611 2797611 227-7698 2277698 1